StanceNation Japan G Edition Gunma 2020 Photo Coverage // Part 4.

Last year was hell of a year but despite all the negativity & craziness we were all exposed to, we are very fortunate to still live another year. As far as StanceNation goes, nothing is certain in 2021. We would LOVE to host events around the world like we are used to but at the moment we just gotta take things slow and adapt with times. Today however we will wrap up the coverage of our very last event we’ve ever held which was hosted in Gunma / Japan just a couple of months ago. Pretty huge turnout with thousands of visitors (everyone wore masks, everyone temps were checked, etc) and north of 500 cars were in attendance. It was our very first time hosting the event there and we hope to be able to go back to Gunma in the future but things are just too uncertain at the moment to make any promises. We do want to thank you all again for coming out, we greatly appreciate your support. Enjoy!

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