StanceNation Japan G Edition Odaiba 2022 // Part 2.

Back again with part 2 of our Japan G Edition Odaiba photo coverage and as usual we’ve got another 200+ photos for you. More roll-in shots, more staging shots, as well as some of the award winners! We hate breaking the coverage up in pieces like this but it’s just what has to be done for this particular show to give as many cars the eyes that they deserve. Over a thousand cars show up to our Odaiba event, which is one of the biggest outdoor events in all of Japan! It’s not only one of the biggest, but it is also the easiest to access with public transportation easily accessible. You can get more information on this event by going to our official event page (Japan only). There, you’ll be able to purchase tickets, get information about when and where it is exactly as well as enter your cars to be in the show. Just click here. Stay tuned, we’ve got more coming your way in the next few days!

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