Everyone’s familiar with Japan’s car culture, but there is far more car culture in other parts of Asia that not too many people are familiar about. Thailand for example is very well known for their unique take on VIP style. China has their own stance thing going, and then we have Indonesia. It fits right in between all of countries we mentioned. We’ve covered this particular event for a couple of years now so make sure to check it out here. The Elite is one of the more “premium” shows in Indonesia and it attracts everything from stance to race cars, classic Japanese rides to modern day Euros, and everything in between. All in all this is an event that we feel will continue to stick around for a very long time and we are happy to show Indonesia the recognition that they deserve. This year’s event was covered by our talented photographer Kyle Fletcher and as always, he managed to get a ton of awesome shots from the event before things got too busy. Enjoy!

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