The Elite ID 2023 Photo Coverage.

When StanceNation was first created back in 2010 our goal was to stay true to our name and share stanced cars from all over the world with you. You don’t have to dig deep, just look at the last few pages of posts here and you’ll see coverage of events from Europe, Asia as well as USA. Today we’ll be taking you to Indonesia and showing you a few cars of an event that goes by the name The Elite Showcase. In our opinion it is the best representation of what Indonesia has to offer as you’ll soon see. The event itself was held on Feb 4th and 5th at ICE (Indonesia Convention Exhibition) in Jakarta and features around 250 of finest cars that come from all over Indonesia displaying a variety of different modifying styles. Most of them have one thing in common and that’s being super low to the ground! We hope you enjoy these awesome photos sent in by Kyle Fletcher.

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