We’re back with the second part of our Tokyo Auto Salon coverage and this time we’re sharing a few photos from Hayato Tsuchiya AKA HT3 Images. Just like SEMA, it is next to impossible for a single photographer to capture everything especially when you consider TAS’ media day isn’t even a complete day. As a matter of fact that might be one of the things we dislike about TAS. It seems that anyone with a point and shoot camera can get their media credentials. But don’t let discourage you from going to Tokyo Auto Salon as it truly is one of our favorite (if not THE favorite) automotive event, ever. The easiest way to describe TAS to people who have never been to it before is to just imagine SEMA without all the lifted trucks & classic muscle cars, with an addition of all kinds of cool Japanese vans. Let’s get straight into the pictures, shall we? Enjoy!

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