I think it is safe to say that Wekfest has become one of the most iconic automotive events among car enthusiasts. They have expanded to so many cities across the U.S. and even have a show over seas now. Wekfest East returns back to Edison, NJ this year and as always, the quality of cars is top notch. I’ve always liked how this event was all about the cars and nothing but the cars. You don’t have a bunch of other activities to keep people entertained. You have the cars and the owners, so it makes a great opportunity to catch up with people and meet some new ones. Make sure to attend the next Wekfest event near you, so you can see for yourself, but as for now, check out some photos of Wekfest East cars below!

Wekfest New Jersey-1

Wekfest New Jersey-2

Wekfest New Jersey-3

Wekfest New Jersey-4

Wekfest New Jersey-5

Wekfest New Jersey-6

Wekfest New Jersey-7

Wekfest New Jersey-8

Wekfest New Jersey-9

Wekfest New Jersey-10

Wekfest New Jersey-11

Wekfest New Jersey-12

Wekfest New Jersey-13

Wekfest New Jersey-14

Wekfest New Jersey-15

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