Living in Poland I was always wondering what stance oriented car shows in Germany looked like. I unfortunately couldn’t make it to any events in Germany last year due to it being so far away, but this year I was able to make time for XS Car night and despite the long drive it was so worth it. The event was held in a historic Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium) in eastern Berlin, which was originally built for 1936 for Summer Olympics. Since the renovations, it’s the largest football stadium in Germany to this day. Going there I set my expectations pretty high, as Germans always deliver in the quality & creative department. What I saw when I arrived simply blew my mind. The event became really huge with hundreds of cars located both around the stadium and stadium’s track – for VIP members. Everything from old school Bettle and rare MK1 Passat to newer cars like a widebody Maserati, the variety of cars was just insane. Being a huge fan of Lamborghinis, I was really excited for a chance to see the first Liberty Walk Huracán in Europe. It was a chance I simply couldn’t miss. From my point of view, the stance scene in Germany is evolving really fast right now. From what I hear, they always had problems with restrictive law regulations, but have now found a way to solve it. I just can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

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