After last year’s XS Carnight at the olympic grounds in Berlin I was left wondering how on earth they would top what they put together. With so many cars in 2014 it was bound to be a massive challenge this year but the XS team certainly delivered! Held at the Eurospeedway Lausitz, this year’s XS Carnight was not just about cars being parked and looking good but there was action to go with it. Drifting and 1/4 mile drags made sure people were always entertained and even though the weather did not play along (just like last year!) the crowds were excited and definitely not in low attendance. While some of the 1400 entrants were questionable choices there was a great balance of styles and also plenty of space to walk around and check them out.

XS Carnight-1

XS Carnight-2

XS Carnight-3

XS Carnight-4

XS Carnight-5

XS Carnight-6

XS Carnight-7

XS Carnight-8

XS Carnight-9

XS Carnight-10

XS Carnight-11

XS Carnight-12

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