We don’t often see Audi’s being bagged and daily driven in the states here, wouldn’t you agree? However, out of those few Audi owners that do decide to go this route, we honestly have yet to see one that disappointed us! Take this clean Audi A3 for example. Running Airlift Struts, 2 Easy Street valve blocks and a 5 gallon tank laid out on a clean and simple set of VMR VB3 19″ wheels really makes us want one. It’s a car you can raise up and comfortably take on long trips or you can let the air out, park hard at your local show/meet and get plenty of people complimenting you.

Photos By: Evano Gucciardo exclusively for StanceNation.com

The car’s appearance is changed due to Votex Body Kit. The owner took it to another level and decided to mold the lip. Little things such as the Sonar headlights, LED fog’s and taillights as well as the rear wiper delete also add up and give the car even more of the “clean” look that the owner is going for. As mentioned before, the AirLift struts and a mixture of other things give this car the ability to lay low on the ground! Thanks to the wonderfully shaped Audi A3 fenders, the rims tuck in perfectly. Make sure you hit Read More to see rest of the pictures of this beautiful A3.

Sitting Right:
VMR VB3 19″ wheels 8.5 et 45, 225 x 35 exclaim UHP
Airlift XL front struts
Airlift XL rear bags on stock struts
5 gallon tank
2 Easy street valve blocks…

Air zenith compressor
ACS 7-way switch box
Easy street gauges in osir gauge pod
Hardlined with copper tubing to blocks.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that there isn’t any extreme camber, or a crazy fender pull. It’s a car with a lot of class, and it only made sense to go after the clean & simple look. Without saying anything else, we will leave you with a few more pictures below.

Big thanks to Evano for the photography and major kudos to the owner. Car is done tastefully, and nothing was over the top. We really hope to see more Audi’s step their game up and set new high’s when it comes to the fitment & lowness of their rides!

Photos By: Evano Gucciardo exclusively for StanceNation.com