Seriously, one of the cleanest fitments we’ve seen in quite some time, and it just happens to be on a Nissan Silvia S15. It’s best of both worlds. Big shout out to whoever owns this thing, and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing more pictures of it! The car & fitment are just sick.

Credits: Digitul Heaven

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  1. Danyutz

    That should be Terry’s S15, been featured on speedhunters.

    One of the best looking S15.

  2. 1jdmdc2

    This location is kinda weak and the pictures arent very creative. Nice car though! Shoulda had Bradford shoot it!

  3. Jord

    I believe he sold it to the machinist @ Altered Atmosphere Motors in Gaithersburg,MD. I’ve seen it at the College Park Tuning Spring Meets but haven’t seen it in a long time

  4. Simply D.

    i believe this car was in either D Sport or Super Street. A girl used to own it


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