Every now and then we’ll get a car that was bought looking fresh as f*ck, rather than built by the owner from the ground up. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as the owner isnt taking the credit for the build of course, but sometimes we feel that we’re the only ones that feel that way. What we noticed in this “fitment” community is that there is a lot of disagreements and disrespect between each other for ridiculous things. Static/Bagged, Bought/Built & Form/Function, just to name a few. Bagged or static, there is no point in talking down on each other as long as we ride low. Bought or built, don’t take credit if you bought a built ride and you’ll be good. Form or Function, let’s agree to disagree in a respectful manner, what do you say? On to this clean daily now we go..

Sitting on AirRunner Suspension and SSR Professor SP3 in 19×8.5 and 19×9 and wrapped in 215/35/19 and 225/35/19’s this is Richards daily toy. 5Axis lip kit all around was also added which we are liking a lot, though a simple front diffuser would do wonders in our opinion. Make sure you hit the Read More button below for some more pictures taken by our awesome photographer Emil Corpuz!

Here are some shout outs from the current owner: “Scion Evolution, forjworks, Auto Stereo Tech, Emil Corpuz, Nathan Smith, the wifey (Pauline), and a special thanks to Marshall Lum.”

Credits: Emil Corpuz