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In the stance oriented car scene, it is common to see a variety of different types of cars (Subaru’s included) sitting extremely low, hunkered down on a set of super wide wheels, with undersized and stretched tires, that rub almost constantly even when gliding over perfectly smooth roads. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that! I personally love the over the top fitment, that breaks necks and causes normal people to shake their heads in disbelief. But I also know that a large portion of our viewers feel the opposite way, especially with a performance based platform like the Subaru WRX STI. Well, if there ever was a perfect combination of unhindered performance, style, and fitment, I would eagerly suggest Matt Tomczek’s 2007 STI to be the exemplar model for it.

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Matt recalls playing Gran Turismo on the original Playstation, and after using both the STI and Evo in the game, they both quickly rose to the top of his dream car list. Well, in 2007 he was able to make his dream come true in the form of the brand spankin’ new 2007 Subaru WRX STI that you see before you.

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Stock off the lot, the STI boasts an impressive 293hp, delivered from a 2.5 liter flat 4 boxer, connected to a 6 speed manual transmission. Well, Matt wasn’t satisfied with the stock specs, and over the 6 years of ownership he has transformed his Subaru into a monster, pushing 422hp to the wheels. The spec list under the hood is insane; everything has been upgraded, from the pistons, to the turbo, fuel system, and drivetrain.

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Matt built up the STI’s block with CP 100mm pistons and Darton Big Boy sleeves, to ensure that the added power from an Element Tuning GT52 turbo would not cause any (more) issues in the future. Clean air is routed through a custom 3” short ram intake, and is cooled via a Turbo XS front mount intercooler. As for exhaust, Matt went with an Invidia catless downpipe, Tomei EL headers, and a Tomei full titanium exhaust. There is much, much more, so check out the full spec list down below to get the full scoop!

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To upgrade the already incredible handling of the STI, a set of Tein Flex coilovers were selected, and Cusco braces were installed all around to stiffen the chassis. Matt also upgraded the brakes with a set of Girodisc slotted rotors front and rear, with Hawk HP-Plus pads.

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When it comes to wheels and fitment, the choice was made and a set of Advan RG-D wheels were picked up, sized at 18×10.5 all around, with an offset of +10. There is no lack of tire contact on this Subie; Matt wrapped the Advans in Hankook Ventus Evo tires, sized all around at 295/30/18!

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The exterior of this STI is menacing, all black everything, with lots of carbon fiber. For aero, Matt went with the Chargespeed Bottomline 2 lip kit, a Seibon front lip, and a HKS/Kansai carbon fiber rear diffuser, and to house those massive Advans, a set of Karlton fender flares were bolted on. Carrying out the carbon theme, a pair of APR GT mirrors were chosen, along with APR canards, a rear window wing, and a Carbing rear plate housing, all in matching carbon fiber.

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The carbon theme is carried on throughout the interior as well, with Werkshop carbon vent rings and center console, and most noticeably with the Arai Motorsport carbon fiber door cards, which are in fact the only left hand drive set ever made… talk about rare! A pair of Bride Brix II front seats are matched with a set of Bride rear seats, and a Sparco harness bar and harnesses keep Matt and his passenger firmly in place.

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Matt has transformed his Subaru from an ordinary STI, to everything that a modified Subaru should be; incredible performance, menacing attention grabbing exterior, and on point handling. The car isn’t so low that it is undrivable, yet it still has a muscular meaty stance; style without taking away from performance. In order to truly appreciate this STI for what it is, you really have to take a look at the spec list, so you can get the full scope of how much work went into it. So I hope you will all take a look at the specifications below, and as always, let us know what you think!

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58 Responses

  1. Mike

    Man that’s a beautiful car. I hope it gets not a trailer queen, I hope it gets driven.

  2. Matt Tomczek

    Car is daily driven. Not my commuter anymore but does get some commuting duties in still.

    Car is autocrossed on a regular basis in the SCCA Solo 2 autocross series.

    • Charley

      Matt- Where can I get the carbon fiber trim pieces you have around your shifter/knobs??

      • Matt Tomczek

        Didn’t really have any problems at all. Just don’t drive like an asshat on public roads and you get left alone.

  3. Shane Kapp

    Matt dude seriously I have a 2007 sti and Ive been trying to decided if i wanted to go stanced with camber and all that noise or do a really meaty fuctional fitment and your car made me want to do this! That thing is nasty man I hope you dont mind me pillaging your build list and trying to get as close to this as my wallet will allow.

  4. Charley

    Where can I find these carbon fiber trim pieces?? Never heard of Werkshop before

    • josh

      i think oil cooler i thought about that idea before first time iv seen it, if thats what it is.

  5. Tyler M.

    The nicest Subie I’ve ever seen. This makes me want one really bad now. This is a perfection build. Props to the owner of this beast

  6. Chris J.

    Such a clean STI.

    BTW, nice choice of location for your photoshoot. I live by and ride my motorcycle around the old Alameda Base all the time!

  7. Smizay

    DAAAAMMMNNNNN! This is how its done. Your STI and the “Thick & Sexy STI” set the bench mark for all STI’s. Sick wip man.

  8. KPunch

    I don’t know what that badge on the front of the car is…but in my opinion it ruins an otherwise perfect car. It’s like those dumbass honda boys who stick an ebay acura badge on the front of their rsx.

  9. Jake

    Mad respect for you on this build. I love crazy stretch and camber as much as the next guy but this is great, the best combination of form and function that I have seen in a long long time. This and the fact that your car is actually driven, both “daily” and on the track put you on a good page in my book

  10. Daniel

    Meaty and functional.. that’s how I like it. Ride low and fat with maximum traction. Looks great and preforms above all. Matt I love your car and I can see a little bit of evo in it too, maybe from the wheels. This is just too cool

  11. slight

    This is one of the best looking hawkeyes i’ve seen! IMO, just unreal.. great work!

  12. TimJax

    Meaty fitment is so hot. Thickness matters. Would love to see more meaty fitment cars (Scoobs, Z’s. Evo’s, whatever!)

  13. Matt Tomczek

    Thanks guys!

    To answer the question about the front badge. It’s the JDM STI badge that comes on several of the STIs that do not leave Japan. It’s a swoopy I for Impreza. It’s a 100% genuine OEM part from Subaru directly.

    For the questions about the carbon trim pieces on the dash you can contact: Andy Or of Werkshop. His email is delsolsir@yahoo.com.

  14. Erdnua

    Matt do u have a video? id love to hear how the beast sounds, love what u have done with it though!!!

  15. Max

    Matt – why oil cooler on top of engine?
    All the heat is moving through this radiator – weird …

    • Matt Tomczek

      Max –
      The oil cooler sits under the hood scoop in the exact same spot were the factory intercooler would normally be.

      Placing the oil cooler here puts it in the best possible spot for cooling and has been proven to keep oil temps about 10-15 degrees lower then a standard front mounting of the cooler. It also allows me to run a much larger core without worrying about restricting flow to the radiator.

      • silly

        My name is eugene and id like to make an offer on your car 30k cash please let me know you can text me at 978 735 9860

  16. Chris

    I would love to hear the car take-off…no fancy camera work, no special effects, no music; simply, just the car going through the gears down a straightaway!

  17. javed

    would you have to upgrade your axles also?wrt to using your wheel size and width for autocross? Or would the stock axles handle it, without breaking?.

    • Matt Tomczek

      Stock axles are really pretty strong. Haven’t had any need to upgrade them.

      • Shane Kapp

        I read your Advans are 18×10.5 +10 but everywhere im seeing them sold im seeing +15? Would they still work?

      • Matt Tomczek

        They are +15 with 5mm spacers which is where the +10 comes from.

  18. keronkj

    damnnnnn……checked out the video truly nice build man…..runs like a beast and sounds even sweeter

  19. Patrick

    Was there any work done to the inner fender line to not rub during turns that wide? i run 265/35/18 and the tire rubs inside sometimes during hard turns but for sure on uturns regardless slow or fast

  20. Deezus

    Just roll your fenders. It’s cheap, quick and will give you about a half inch of more tire clearance.

  21. Jake M

    I’m speechless. Just got a 2013 WRX hatch black and am loving it. Mad respect and thank you for keeping it cool!

  22. Jake Baynham

    Matt this is a really nice car. It never scrapes at all when you’re running hard?

    • Matt Tomczek

      Hey Jake – No rubbing or scraping at all. The fenders and rear quarters were cut to accommodate the massive wheels and fender flares.

  23. Guillaume

    Hello this car is beautiful, i search your steering wheel.
    It’s not original ? It’s possible to tell me what this model ?


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