Over the next couple of weeks you will see and hear the name AIMGAIN here on StanceNation quite a few times. Not only do we have a great relationship with our friends from Aimgain, but during my trip to Japan a couple of months back I was able to make a quick stop at their shop in Hiroshima. The Ito brothers (owner/co-owner) and rest of the AIMGAIN crew welcomed me into their shop and even arranged a couple of customer cars for me to shoot while I was there. I’ll have more on that later, but let me tell you a bit more about AIMGAIN.


For those who aren’t familiar with the name AIMGAIN, it’s an aftermarket automotive parts company who have been in the business for over 11 years now. To be a bit more specific, the company first debuted their products (body kits) at Osaka Auto Messe event back in February of 2003. Initially they started as just a body kit (aero) company, but over the last few years they’ve expanded to everything from exhausts, to vip accessories such as tables and pillows and even their own line of wheels! One thing that I personally love about AIMGAIN aero and the reason I chose AIMGAIN for my personal car is that they keep things pretty simple and very classy.


Nothing wrong with over the top aero, but simple aero is just my personal preference. While we’re on subject of aero, I guess I should point out that in this post you unfortunately won’t be seeing any behind the scenes photos of aero production. Not only did they not have any kits in their shop (besides a couple of prototypes I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of) but they make their aero parts a few minutes away in a different warehouse. While Aimgain is mostly known for producing beautiful aero for VIP platforms and popular Japanese vans, they are expanding their horizon yet again and stepping in the sports cars segment, first being the Scion FRS. We will have a lot more on that later.


All kinds of wheels could be seen throughout the shop including of course these Aimgain G-Luxe wheels which only come in 21″



All kinds of fog lights and LED lights were also laid out in one corner of the shop.



As I said earlier; full exhausts, exhaust tips, VIP trays, seat covers, you name it they probably have it. Visit their site to check out some of the stuff they carry.



This sexy Alphard was parked upstairs. Yes, upstairs.


I believe these Aimgain G2M’s are their most popular wheel. I’m liking all the finishes..


Downstairs near the lounge area they had a bunch of magazines laid out which feature plenty of Aimgain customer cars. Must be a good feeling..


I almost forget that they carry an entire line of apparel.




One of their latest products are big brake kits.


Another shot of the Aimgain G-Luxe wheel..




With that said, expect a few different posts on several cars they had lined up for me to shoot including this gorgeous Toyota Celsior. In the meantime I would like to thank AIMGAIN for everything they’ve done for not just StanceNation but the car community as a whole. I’m really looking forward to visiting AIMGAIN again next time I go Hiroshima! Again, big thanks for the hospitality.