Back in 2008, Japan decided it would be a good idea to do a limited run of Mugen Civic Si’s. Only 1000 of them were shipped here to the states and today you’re looking at number 748. What’s even more amazing is that the car is currently in Sweden, Europe and as far as Jonas knows, it could very well be the only one out there. Jonas didn’t want to do anything too crazy to the car, but he did drop it and mounted a set of pretty fancy wheels on. It now sits on BC Racing Coilovers and features a Buddyclub camber kit in the rear and Eibach camber bolts up front. Simple yet effective. Just the way we like it.

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Fitment is pretty conservative as you can see. Apparently it’s rocking some pretty crazy german wheels by the name of RH ALURAD. Can’t say we’ve ever heard of them but they look pretty sleek. These wheels were made specifically for Euros with 5×112 bolt pattern so Jonas had to run some custom adapters to make them fit. As they sit, fronts are 18×9 with 31 offset while the rears are 18×9.5 with 25 offset all wrapped in 215/40/18 tires. Big shout out to Jonas and all our Swedish fans! As always, don’t forget to click the Read More button below for a couple more photos.