DTF. Now I know what you’re thinking. DTF in this case stands for Drop That Frame. Nick Napala and Dustin Jenks hosted their first big car show, and it was a good one. The show had a HUGE variety of cars, definitely the most diverse show I’ve been to recently. Since this is a “stance” blog after all, the photos will be predominantly low and slow cars, but some other cars may sneak their way in as well. One thing that I thought set this show apart from other shows was the on-spot dyno. It’s not very often you see a dyno at a car show. To be honest I thought it was kind of silly at first but WOW was there a lot of people who wanted to dyno their cars. The show had along the lines of 40 categories to give awards to, including Best of Show, Best Euro, Japanese, Domestic, BMW, Honda, Toyota, and Most horsepower. These are only some of the many awards given out at the end of the show, the list goes on as you can imagine. One of my personal favorite cars was Sergio Romo’s G-Power Twin Turbo BMW M6. It made close to 550hp at the wheels and sounded absolutely beastly. If you like my photos follow me on Facebook and Instagram @watsonlu. Big thanks to the Drop That Frame guys for hosting a great show.

Photos By: Watson Lu exclusively for StanceNation.com