It’s safe to assume that most of you have heard of Suzuka Twin Circuit by now. Just a little over a week ago an auto gathering by the name of “Historix Japan” was held there. While the event is still relatively new and somewhat small, plenty of quality cars came out to not only enjoy the car show itself but the drifting, drag racing and many other “fun activities” that go down during the day! What we like about Historix is the variety. Everything from a slammed classic Chevy Camaro to a track ready Hakosuka, and everything in between. Since our photographer Kumax shot dozens of photos, we’ll go ahead and break the coverage into a couple of pieces. Hope you enjoy these cars and make sure you pay close attention. Every one of them has something unique going for it such as that Datsun 510 with an S2K motor in it. Don’t forget to hit the Read More button for more photos!

Photos By: Kumax exclusively for