Our good friend Takeshi (type_k autosource owner) recently contacted us about collaborating for an upcoming car show/meet that he was organizing, known as “k day!!”. We happily created some custom stickers and helped him a bit with promoting the event. Takeshi is the same guy who was responsible for organizing the very successful USDM Jam event which we recently covered here. Actually, “k day!!” is pretty similar to USDM Jam. It’s an event created to bring all the “USDM” guys together, and we gotta say that most of the cars that came out looked pretty damn impressive! Roof racks, stickers, Cali/Hawaii plates, and lots of USDM exterior swaps were present. The event brought out a couple hundred cars and luckily our photographer Kazuki Hirota was able to cover it for us. We will break this coverage down in a couple pieces as there are way too many photos to fit in one post. Big shout out to Takeshi and all our other friends and fans in Japan. Stay tuned for more coverage!

Photos By: Kazuki Hirota exclusively for StanceNation.com