This right here is what you get when you take incredibly talented photographers and let them spend a few hours with an equally incredible piece of machine. Comparing it to watching an artist paint the most beautiful picture on his canvas would be an understatement. Our good friends Connor & Ryan were recently given the opportunity to shoot one of our all time favorite cars, the R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R. This isn’t your “ordinary” Skyline though. It’s truly a piece of engineering that has left it’s imprint all over the internet and magazines not too long ago. Last time we checked it was pushing over 550WHP, but it could be way past that nowadays. For many of us, this right here is what dreams are made of.

While we tend to showcase more of the “extremely low and wide” cars here on our site, at the end of the day we’re still car enthusiast who love all kinds of cars. Don’t get us wrong though, this beautiful Skyline is rocking some pretty aggressive wheels as well. The fellas from Portland Speed Industries went with a set of HRE C20 wheels in 19×11 all around and 295/30/R19 tires. They dropped the car on SilkRoad coilovers and finished the shoes off with some 8 piston front and 4 piston rear Brembo brakes.

Portland Speed Industries has been associated with Nissan Skylines for a while now, whether it be a beautiful older R32 or a brand spanking new R35. This particular car was built a couple of years ago and it is still talked about to this day by many car enthusiasts. Hit the Read More button below for more awesome photos! Big shout out to Connor of Yaer Productions for making this happen!

Under the hood you’ll find a GReddy T618-Z twin-turbo. They also had some custom intercooler piping done in-house along with a Top Secret exhaust manifold, Amuse titanium turbo-back exhaust, Tomei cams and more! The interior features a custom set of Status Racing Laguna carbon fiber seats and a whole lot of re wrapping and overlaying with the help of Bishop Customs. Take a look at a couple of beautiful photos of the interior and under the hood of this Skyline below.

We’ll end this here with some more fine photography by the talented Yaer Productions fellas. Big shout out to them as well as Portland Speed Industries once again. Stick around for some exclusive Japanese content in the next couple of days and don’t forget to email us with photos of your cars!