Everybody knows that it’s almost impossible to do something that hasn’t already been done before, but what you can do is do it better than anyone in the past. How you define “better” is up to you, but what we are specifically talking about here is “stance & fitment”. Not many people would ever consider doing what Thomas did with his NSX and don’t even get us started with the purists. We’re positive that most of them will be grinding their teeth as soon as they see these photos. Our plan is not to spill the beans just yet since we will be taking a closer look at this amazing NSX along with many more photos and detailed specifications soon hopefully. Today however we’ll leave you with these older photos shot by our photographer Tony Hoang!

Photos By: Tony Hoang exclusively for StanceNation.com

Thomas’ coil over equipped Acura NSX sits on a set of concave ADV.1 wheels. When standing next to the car, top of the roof is literally below your waist line. We can only imagine the looks that Thomas gets when he takes this thing out! Let’s call it a day for now and wait for some recent photos and full list of mods for now. Big shout out to Thomas for not only doing something different but actually pulling it off so well! If you want to see more of these awesome photos that Tony took make sure you click the Read More button below. It’ll be well worth your time. We’re still amazed how “fresh” such an old car can manage to look!