parkHard - CAMBERD

Being part of this Low N Slow crew means that you gotta be extra low, extra flush and not afraid to roll hard whatever the circumstances! Milton’s car does everything above and his car is on point and I never get tired of seeing the white/gold combo!! No bags here, everyone in LowNSlow are riding static and they do it everyday. They have a motto that made me laugh, “If there is a wheel, there is a way!” Meaning no matter what speedbumps, deep dips or driveways they encounter, they will make it through! I give them props for messing up their cars! just kidding of course! Its the lifestyle, a lifestyle they all enjoy, and these daily driven cars prove their dedication!

Work VS-XX

19×10 -12
19×11 -/+ 0

parkHard - CAMBERD1

parkHard - CAMBERDW

parkHard - CAMBERDrear parkHard - CAMBERDVSXX

parkHard - CAMBERD2

parkHard - CAMBERDF
This was my second time meeting Milt and just to let you guys know hes a really genuine guy. From a guy that has owned a number of really sick cars including the black SC with black work equips which you guys might have seen from the hellaflush2 posters yet he is a very modest guy! I couldn’t even get a proper individual shoot for his car because he was trying to get me shoot everyone else’s cars before his. He enjoys the people and the culture that surround this scene and its great to have another fellow 350z owner to represent the community! Thanks again Milt for setting this shoot up and the food!

I know I lagged on this second set of pictures, but I will try to get the rest up as soon as possible!