Epicness. Thats a perfect way to describe the looks, sounds and even feel of Chicago’s Auto Mass at Toyota Park. Its simple, drifting, a car show and food trucks – can’t get much better than that, can it? I have to say, one thing that stood out to me the most at this show was the variety of cars. No certain make nor model “took over” the show. Everything was different – in it’s each and own way. From LS-swapped 240’s to widened Honda Civic’s to even a few Euros, Auto Mass had it all. This was the first Auto Mass I have attended and I was nowhere near let down. Every time I walked back through the show section I saw something different. I went back to a handful of cars, more than a handful of times just to get another glimpse. Street, show, drift or grip, each car had its own style – one thing that I was seriously in love with. All in all, it was an awesome time. So many tires were went through on the drift course, windshields lost, hoods flew up, side skirts were kicked off. It was perfect nonetheless. Enjoy some of my photos below!

Photos By: Jay Baumgardner exclusively for StanceNation.com