DiroDore Drift & Dress Photo Coverage // Part 1.

We’ll say it right away. DoriDore is one of our favorite events in all of Japan! It happens once a year and it is a show that we personally look forward to all year long. What’s so special about DoriDore? It’s a car gathering and a drift event at once, and the best part is that most of the drift cars are executed to perfection. We’re talking cars with sense of true style, even a few that you see at car shows around Japan, not those 1000HP+ LS-powered cars. Not that there is anything wrong with them, but let’s just say most of them lack style. This years DoriDore event took place at OkuIbuki Motor Park in Shiga Prefecture and north of 100 display cars were present. More impressive than that was there was another 60-70 cars that were drifting around all day long! Sit back and enjoy these epic shots that Yuuki shot for your viewing pleasures!

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