I don’t usually do this, but when someone goes so far out of their way to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your shopping experience, the least you can do is let others know about it. That was the case with me and Motorsport-Tech out of Sparks, Nevada. It all started way back when I had my Charger and needed a set of 25mm billet adapters for my Viper wheels. I ended up running their adapters for well over a year and had no issues whatsoever. I knew right away that if I was to ever run spacers/adapters again I would be coming back to them.

Fast forward to a few days ago where I found my self in a desperate need of spacers for my new Work wheel & Futura brake combo. It was two days before WekFest and 13mm was the only thing preventing my car from being driven. Without boring you with all the small details, Motorsport-tech had basically built a custom set of spacers specifically for my wheel setup and had them in my hands the next day so I could make the show. Thankfully my wheels cleared the new brakes and I was on my way to WekFest the next day. Here comes the best part though. I emailed Lenny thanking him for coming through for me at the very last minute and I informed him that I will be posting about my experience with Motorsport-tech. His response? “Just doing our job.” He actually asked me to be as honest as possible about my experience and not make up or exaggerate anything which made me that much more happy to have done business together. With that said, if you are in market for wheel spacers, adapters, wheel hardware or anything in between, I strongly recommend you hit these guys up. Big thanks to Motorsport-tech once again!