Complete Festa 2017 Photo Coverage // Part 2.

As many of you might know, VIP style comes in many varieties. Doesn’t it seem though that all you see on the internet now a days are VIP cars sporting massive fender radius, a whole bunch of negative camber and super aggressive aero kits? This wasn’t always the case and lots of older VIP enthusiasts are still playing by the traditional VIP rules but are also putting their own twist to it. Behold, the “Tohoku” spec’d VIP style that has continued to stay not only relevant in the modern day car culture, but extremely pleasing to the eye. Tohoku (translates to North East ) specification is basically a style that consists of simple bodywork (in most cases slight fender trimming and barely noticeable fender radius along with an aero kit) accompanied by a set of a high end wheels (BBS, Work, SSR, etc). Though it’s not truly a Tohoku spec if it doesn’t have a set of high quality big brakes. All in all we are loving what we see from Complete Festa and we hope you do to. We’ll do our best to get a photographer or two out there next year as well. Enjoy!

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