Gatebil Festival 2017 // Photo Coverage.

Most of you are probably in-the-know by now, but Gatebil is a truly one of a kind ‘car festival’ that’s located in the two Scandinavian countries, Sweden and Norway. I’ve been covering these Gatebil events for a few years now and every time I visit one of them I am taken by surprise by the quality of both show cars and the crazy drift/track cars. This year I’ve also included some crazy race/drift builds that stood out to me, compared to earlier years where I’ve only included the show cars. Unfortunately we had some problems with heavy rain one day but since Gatebil is a 3-day-event, the show continued and even made for some nice photographs. If you like drifting, time attack, show cars and/or partying like a rockstar, this is the ultimate festival for you!

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