Fixwell 2021 Photo Coverage.

This might be the 3rd year we’ve been covering this event, and we’ve yet to be let down in any way. The quality of cars that the Fixwell staff is able to bring together is deserving of the support that the automotive community continues to show it. The amount of work it takes to host events of this caliber nowadays is something that a lot of people don’t realize. Not only from the health side of things (restrictions on amount of spectators, social distancing, restrictions on vendors & how vendors conduct their business, etc), but there is also a extremely high probability that the amount of visitors, cars, vendors that come out to these shows will be drastically lower than any time in the past. Meaning it will either eat into your profits (money that you make for putting everything together) and in some cases you might even walk away with a loss (meaning you just put in months of work for free, and even lost your initial investment). We went off on a tangent there but really all we want to say is that as car enthusiasts we should continue to support these event organizers for doing their best to bring everyone together in these crazy times. Without further due, we hope you enjoy these wonderful photos shot by none other than Yuuki Kouno AKA Rock Photograph!

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