StanceNation Yamaguchi Japan 2021 Photo Coverage.

If there is a will, there is way. What seemed impossible early in 2021 actually turned into something we couldn’t be more happy with, and that something was our second annual Yamaguchi event. There were setbacks and more reasons to just give up on this event than to keep trying, but we made it happen and we couldn’t be happier. For those unfamiliar with our Yamaguchi event, what makes it cool and different from our other events is that it’s hosted at a waterfront, park-like setting at the Kirara Expor Memorial Park. No crammed parking, plenty of space around every car for visitors to get a good look at every car present. We’re super thankful for everyone coming out despite the current situation in the world and we will do our best to continue hosting events as long as we have your support. This time around our old friend Mark Kawaguchi was able to snap some cool photos for everyone to enjoy so big shout out to him!

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