Don’t think we’ve ever had 6+ photographers covering a single event, but more the better, right? Today we are going to be taking a closer look at the Raceism event held in Wroclaw, Poland. First off, the venue itself this year was just awesome this year. The event was held at the Wroclaw football arena. The event went on for total of 2 days, and the turnout was even bigger than last year. The event itself was held on the actual stadium. They showed cars, caught up with old friends, and “drank beer” because that’s how Poland rolls. If cars weren’t your thing and your boyfriend/girlfriend dragged you out no worries. There were plenty of attractions as well such as RC-drifting, Graffiti show & Breakdance competition. Some 270 cars from all over Europe attended the event and with crews from Norway, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Russia, Ireland and Poland, it was truly an “International Event”. We would like to congratulate Raceism on yet another successful event and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.

Photos By: Piotr Blaszkiewicz, Pawel Czech, Damian Oleksinski, Piotr Wlodarcyzk, Bartosz Kowaleski, Sylwia Klaczynska, Adam Aleksandrowicz exclusively for