StanceNation Japan G Edition Gunma 2020 Photo Coverage // Part 1.

If you are car enthusiasts like us, we are probably in agreeance that this year absolutely sucked. Being able to enjoy the event/show/gathering side of the car scene was definitely something we all took for granted. It seemed like there was a big car event every weekend, at least out here in California. For someone to tell us that something we’re so used to would be taken away from us just never crossed our minds, but welcome to 2020. While we tried our best to host our annual NorCal event, things just didn’t work out as the state is back into basically a complete shut down. The fortunate thing is that we were able to host our 2nd event in Japan this year, and just like the last one (click here) our Gunma event was also hosted in a completely new prefecture / city / venue. We’ll get into more details in our next few posts as we have a ton more photos to share with you so make sure you come back soon!

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