StanceNation Japan G Edition Gunma 2020 Photo Coverage // Part 2.

As mentioned in Part 1 of our Gunma event coverage, 2020 was our first time hosting an event in this side of Japan. Gunma prefecture is relatively close to Tokyo so we were expecting a few of the usual cars to make the drive over which is always nice. Come event day, we found out that more than half of the cars were first time SNJ attendees! The number of spectators exceeded our expectations too. In our opinion, a lot of car enthusiasts have been feeling deprived of anything car related this year so upon the announcement of one of the first major car events in Japan everyone was super excited about it. We plan on having another post or two about our Gunma event soon so make sure to come back in a few days to check on it. In the meantime we hope you enjoy these awesome photos as shot by Yuuki Kouno himself.

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