Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 // Photo Coverage.

Tokyo Auto Salon just wrapped up yesterday and we’ve got some pretty dope shots coming your way shot by none other than Yuuki San. Or as most of you know him, Rock Photograph. As with all the big annual car events, some years it’s extremely exciting and others not as much. Now we know we might get some n our opinion, this years Tokyo Auto Salon wasn’t the best example in terms of new and groundbreaking builds or products. now don’t get us wrong, there were a handful of cool cars there, but majority of them looked same as they did last year and the year before, with different color and wheels. One car that we do have to bring up however was the Liberty Walk Lamborghini Miura. It not only did it’s job in showing that the LB guys have no limits at the show, but the internet couldn’t stop talking about it. Besides that car, can you name anything else that was as ground breaking because we can not. Regardless, Tokyo Auto Salon is an amazing gathering and you will always get your money’s worth whether you’re just spectating or doing business. Sit back and enjoy these awesome shots!

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