Shukai Japan 2022 // Part 1.

Year 2017 was the first and last time Shukai Japan took place. It all started as a way for Yuuki & his close friends to bring a bunch of cool cars together, but when the registrations started pouring in the supposed small show turned into something much bigger. (You can click here & here even here to see the coverage of 2017’s Shukai!). The Shukai staff took a 5 year break and are finally bringing things back, but due to current circumstances they are doing things a little differently this time around. They’ve scaled down on the amount of cars to about 130, and they’ve made the event exclusive just for drivers & passengers. Yes that’s right, no random spectators whatsoever. You roll up with your show car and whoever you can fit with you is who will be let in. It’s an interesting idea and we are sure there are reasons for it such as venue restricting them due to pandemic, but one cool thing about that is that you can really get a great look at every single car. We’ll have more photos your way over the next few days so make sure to stop back by!

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