If there is 1 event that I personally look forward to seeing coverage of year after year, it would have to be Tokyo Auto Salon. In my honest opinion, no photo or video will ever do this event justice. However, if there is one photographer who can cover an event like no other it would have to be my friend Connor Surdi. We saw a preview of what Connor can do from our StanceNation Japan G Edition coverage so you can only imagine how excited I was to learn that Connor was going to be present at TAS. Some will argue that this year the Rocket Bunny, Liberty Walk & BenSopra cars stole the show, but I will let you guys make your own decision. Just from the photos I’ve seen here, one of the cars that I personally am really liking very much is the AIMGAIN FRS/86. It’s different, and we need more of that in my opinion. With that said, I’ll break up the coverage of Tokyo Auto Salon in several pieces so expect to see some of the finest cars from Japan over the next few days! Make sure to go through all 11 pages and as always click any thumbnail for high resolution. See you back tomorrow!












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