If you’re into VAG, chances are you know about the annual Wörthersee event in Austria. For 35 years, enthusiasts of Volkswagens, Audis and all surrounding manufacturers have met here to celebrate their cars and have a good time. Through the years this event has become bigger and bigger, therefore attracting not just car lovers but party goers and other people who weren’t necessarily wanted. Because of this, they started meeting a week or two before, to purely enjoy the cars and what the event was actually about. Being my first year attending but seeing all the content from previous years, I was beyond excited to finally make it down there. I had no idea what to expect and now that I’m back home I’m struggling to put it into words. Simply driving through a small town and seeing quality modified cars parked at each corner or coming towards you was amazing.



Every day new cars arrive from all over Europe ensuring that not one day is the same as the last. Everyone seems to get along well and just enjoy each other’s company and cars. Although it all started as a VW event, which the official event still is, you now get all sorts of manufacturers and lots of quality cars attending the week before.




Once the sun goes down and the lights come on, everyone just goes wild. At night it’s all about burning rubber and screaming turbos, as long as it pleases the crowd. Everyone gathers at the usual spots to watch 1000HP Golfs practice their launch or just spin wheels, hoping the police isn’t sitting around the corner to stop them in their tracks.



I could keep writing about my week there for days but I think I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking! If you’re thinking of visiting the world’s biggest VW meet, please do yourself a favour and stay as many days as you can! The whole week there just left me speechless, no other car meet will ever be as good as this.






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