You can’t play style by the numbers. We try, desperately, to create a formula that produces style, flavor, or “steez” with failing results. You hear numbers tossed around often in our world that inevitably requires an intimate understanding of them. Camber angles, offsets, spring length, engine sizes, even the cars themselves often have alphanumeric designations. Despite this intrinsic component of our environment you simply can’t compute the elements of personality and taste that are so important to the final product.

Photos By: Jon Tran exclusively for

Let’s toss some numbers around, and try to read this paragraph in a voice reminiscent of Sesame Street’s Count. We’ve got two, two M3s. Ha ha ha! M-THREES! That’s two M3s more than I own! Okay I can’t talk like the Count any longer. These are both the third generation of the BMW M3, the E46 model, and come with 333hp. I often wonder if BMW did that on purpose. Since the debut of the E90/92 models, prices have lowered on the E46 M3 and they have become increasingly popular. There’s no question that even in stock form they are beautiful vehicles and highly capable for whatever purpose you have for one. With a 6 individual throttle bodies feeding the Bavarian work of art known as the S54, huge flares, and capable chassis the M3 has earned its stellar reputation.

James and Navith are the owners of these two 2005 E46 M3s, respectively. Both are 6-speed models and they are quite similar by the numbers. However, looking through the pictures tells a much more interesting story and it’s obvious both have different styles in their individual take on building a clean M3. Both are tasteful in their own right and I’m sure you’ve already picked your favorite.

Navith owns the Alpine White version; the darkened lenses, black interior, and black grills accentuate the clean white hue. James’ blue Competition Package takes a different route with chrome grills and amber taillights/corner lenses. I’ve seen a few M3 owners do this and I’m a huge fan of the amber lighting on the higher models. It’s a subtle touch that works well with the blue paint.

BC Racing supplied the coilovers for both vehicles. Navith’s is equipped with BR-Series while James’ opted for the ‘Floss’ Edition coilovers, that are capable of super-low ride height (James’ pseudonym is ‘Floss’). James BMW made waves with impressive CCW Classics on a prior setup.

Each car features an 18×10″ (f) 18×12″ (r) wheel setup. Navith chose wheels of Japanese origin with a custom set of Work VS-XX, rebarreled from an original 17″ size. American wheels get the nod on James’ car with a set of HRE 501s from the new Vintage line. Hankook V12s sized 245/35/18 and 285/30/18 are utilized on both setups. The 12″ rear wheel fitment looks fantastic when paired with the 285s and the E46 M3 is among a handful of vehicles that can pull off that kind of fitment on factory metal.

Pretend you never saw either of these vehicles. You were blindfolded and someone described two E46 M3s with factory body appointments and both were slammed on 18×10/12″ wheels with the same tires. They gave you nothing but the numbers. Naturally you might picture two identical vehicles. You’d miss the individuality of each car found in the minute changes each owner has made and the quality of the details in the wheels. I hope you enjoy these two threes on eighteens. Numbers may tell you a lot, but there sure is a lot they can leave out.

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  1. Harrison

    Absolutely awesome. This is what I want to devote all my funding towards. I’m in love with how the E46 M3 can be given such a perfect all-around look. So clean, and with subtle personality. Both builds are nothing short of great.


    Pseudonym or not, Naviths M Tree is super clean! Those step up step lips are mega fuck yeah.

    • L

      no. not a csl. Navith’s car has a CSL replica trunk like everyone else here that is stateside. CSL models were only offered everywhere else in the world.

  3. TerryJ

    Navith’s M3 has a setup to remember,you don’t see vsxx’s like that,rare & the blue M3 is very unique to me with that setup,love it.


    Doesn’t Navith run Varrstoen, or at least all the fan pages? and he’s rocking work wheels? that alone says a lot about their products -___-

    that’s like Ronald McDonald walking around eating a Whopper. what a shame.

      • BEACH_FC

        I understand personal choice and all that, but as professionals in the car industry, we do not degrade our companies like this. you’d never see anyone from Bride rocking recaros, or anyone from Work rocking SSRs. come on now, you’ve got to agree elvis.

      • Elvis

        I disagree. I do see where you are coming from though. I mean, if he had a “company” car that represented Vars that’s different story, but this is his personal car and he should be able to do whatever makes him happy. Agree to disagree? :)

      • BEACH_FC

        Well look, in some ways I do agree with you. Thing is, as a PROUD representative of the company I am a part of (which will remain disclosed. But as a hint I will say that MANY of our *things* can be found in your features) I feel obligated to back up our *things*. Nothing shows less of a company than when their own REPRESENTATIVES don’t REPRESENT.

        Again, you won’t see TEIN guys rocking BC’s anytime soon.

      • Elvis

        I see where you are coming from. I’ll try to get Navith to chime in here.

      • Navith


        I do understand where you are coming from. However, you do not know me personally. Yes correct, representatives should rep their company proud. And if you really knew me and not by what you see, you would have known that I’ve rocked multiple setups of VarrsToens on both my current m3 AND my previous e39. 4-5 different sets on the e39 5 series and 4 sets and counting on the M3. It is my personal car and not a shop car, but me alone having run 10 different setups with my companies wheels does show im proud of it. The work wheels are not my only wheels… i do have two sets of varrstoen in my garage in which whenever i feel like switching it up, ill change em. Why should i be limited to only VarrsToen? Say… you rock meister watches, nixon watches, etc on casual days… youre fortunate enough to be able to buy a rolex… should you not rock it? Lamborghini sales rep…. only has to own lambos? What if he needs a truck to suit his needs? What im getting at is that it suits me personally. If we produce 18×12″ rears… you bet ill be rocking it. With the car now supercharged, i could use some of that 285 tire and still being able to stretch and have the stance. Im not here to argue or have a debate, but to inform you why you don’t see the VarrsToens. Because its not featured in which you wouldve have ever seen. If you are interested, shoot me an email direct to and i’ll send you all the pictures.

        Its a personal preference choice to run the work wheels. But hey, personal choice that i run VarrsToen wheels too which I have. Reason why you see this feature up is because we are running 12s on stock body ;) Otherwise we wouldn’t be discussing this.

        I do apologize for making it seem like what you think. But quality does not have anything to do with it…

        Ronald McDonald might be craving a whopper from BK, never know :)

      • BEACH_FC

        I’m glad you decided to get into this. I guess I’m starting to see the light, although I’m still a bit on the biased side. Just like any other subject, people will have their views. I guess I’ll leave it at that.

        I meant no dis-respect to you or your build, I actually LOVE the thing.


    Whoppers are much better than anything at McDonald’s. So yeah… lol

    Dammit BEACH, do we frequent all the Internets cool sites simultaneously?

  6. Randall

    Correction, the Works are actually 18×11.5 rear, and this is quoted from multiple forums. They are +25 front +19 rear for anyone curious.


    I thought that’s what Navith would say. ” ” nothing.

    I mean no dis-respect to Stance:Nation, or you Elvis. Just voicing my opinion.

  8. Boogie

    congrats to navith for the feature, well deserved! saw the car at SCE but his csl front splitter was busted. Navith I’ll sell you mine! haha

    • Navith

      Haha Boogie, Thanks bro. Saw yours at SCE as well buy didn’t get to meet ya. Its my second lip already. Not gonna replace it anymore lol. Just asking to break it again…


    The price of the super low life. I have a savings account to replace lips. Lol


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