Over the last year or so I’ve been exchanging emails and photos of cars with Yusaku-san (owner of this car). While we did have a language barrier in between us, what was very obvious was that he is just like many of us. From showing me teasers of his Odyssey and asking me not to share with anyone to simply wanting to do something a bit more aggressive than the next Odyssey. Yusaku-san is a young car enthusiast out of Japan who has built quite a reputation for himself. His Odyssey has been in all kinds of magazines and advertisements and it truly is an honor to share this young mans pride and joy with all of our fans here in the states and across the world.

Stance VIP Style Honda Odyssey Japan (12)

Stance VIP Style Honda Odyssey Japan (11)

Right off the start you’ll noticed that this is far from your average van. (Click Here) To be honest, there really isn’t much left of the original vehicle. Everything from lights, fenders, bumper and mirrors have been replaced. One of the more noticeable body changes are the radiused fenders all around, and widened rear fenders. When I say widened I don’t mean a fender pull, instead cutting and widening the fender doors and bumpers so it all flows together. Contrary to popular belief not all of the owners do the work themselves. MATERIAL & L-TIDE did most of the body work on this particular RB1 Odyssey and it’s looking damn good.

Stance VIP Style Honda Odyssey Japan (10)

The front bumper is made by V Vision though it was customized, a lot. Same goes for the rear which originally started as an aftermarket bumper made by VLusty Jewel while the side skirts were all custom. One of the things that you would probably overlook if I didn’t mention it are the fact that those custom fenders lines extend onto the doors for a more “complete” look. Other small exterior details include the custom matte black grill to match those aggressive wheels and lots of light retrofitting.

Stance VIP Style Honda Odyssey Japan (13)

For example, up front, those LED lights where the traditional fog lights would go come from a Mercedes Benz. Front headlights also feature custom Toyota Estima projectors while the rear lights were retrofitted with a ton of custom LED lights in them.

Stance VIP Style Honda Odyssey Japan (9)

Fitment is just insane as you can see. You’re looking at Riverside Trafficstar wheels sized in 19×9.5 up front with an offset of -18 and 19×11 in the rear with a massive offset of -58! Yusaku-San had the wheels painted matte black to match the theme and wrapped in Nankang 215/35 up front and 265/30 tires in the rear.

Stance VIP Style Honda Odyssey Japan (8)

Most surprising thing about this beauty is that it sits on coilovers. Yes, static stance! The T-Demand coilovers are equipped with custom 40K / 40K spring specs. It’s also rocking V-Vision knuckle and completely custom upper and lower control arms just to name a few things.

Stance VIP Style Honda Odyssey Japan (7)

Behind those massive wheels sit a set of stunning Cusco brakes. Up front you’ve got 8pot w/356mm drilled rotors and in the rear 6pot w/356mm drilled rotors as well.

Stance VIP Style Honda Odyssey Japan (6)

Interior wasn’t left untouched don’t you worry. Everything was reupholstered including seats and doors. It also features plenty of goodies from the reputable Carrozzeria. Check out some photos below to get an idea.

Stance VIP Style Honda Odyssey Japan (4)

Stance VIP Style Honda Odyssey Japan (3)

Stance VIP Style Honda Odyssey Japan (2)

With that said, I’d like to give a shout out to all my friends overseas especially those who follow StanceNation as close as they do. In the next few days I’ll be uploading a bunch of photos of Yusaku-san friends Nissan Stagea so be on the lookout for that!

Stance VIP Style Honda Odyssey Japan (5)

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      • Yetipolice

        Im pretty sure he wasn’t tossin out insults? Its a legitimate request… I want them here.

      • bwwaaaa

        And you’re kidding right? We didn’t get *this* van in the US. We got the USDM version, which had a much different front end, sliding doors, among many other differences. In the end, they’re pretty much two different cars. I wish Honda had brought the JDM Odyssey here to the states as well, it looks much better then the incredibly pedestrian version we got here. I get why they did it though, just wish they didn’t.

      • james

        What country are you from?…the U.S. version is different from the Japan version.

      • Paul

        The original Odyssey’s that hit the US had four “hinged” doors but they didn’t sell well…so they threw two sliding doors on and added more room and people loved it…Japan and everywhere else did get a size update but kept the cool “hinged door” style…

        I tried to fact check that stuff i just wrote but I can’t find any sales numbers…sorry

  1. Slidin High

    I really hope your kidding “jhoff”. Cause if your not then you my friend are very very dumb.

  2. headlock

    I’ve always thought an odyssey would look good with a few tweaks. This ones a bit over the top for me, Never have dug the “way too much camber” thing, but awesome work anyway.

  3. tyler

    so…. because you stretched the rear quarter panels you cant open the rear doors anymore right? kinda useless lol.

  4. tyler

    just noticed new vans dont have sliding doors from what i can tell lol makes more sense then..

  5. Shots_In_Cherno

    Interesting build. I like that he didn’t take the chromed wheels route as black suites yellow-goldish tones well. It’s amusing to see a JDM vehicle that in the U.S. would be marketed solely to Soccer Moms totally slammed and cambered out! That’s why I’m constantly checking this site. To get a peek at different scenes, new mods and cars that will never be seen “in the flesh” on U.S. soil. Sure there are other sites but seeing the same cars (models and makes) ad nauseam just punctuates the point of how closed-minded modders are where I’m from. The current USDM Odyssey has been out for years and I have yet to see even one scraping on decent wheels. *sad face* (1st world problems) Someone please slam a 2011 and up Odyssey to the ground in the U.S., install concave Euro-Spec Audi RS4 10-spoke wheels, get them dipped in copper, then polished, wrap the entire body in black “fuzzy” Velvet Cars Deluxe Vehicle Wrap, and get the interior diamond tucked in patent leather with an orange piping/stitching combo! Where I’m from, the mere mention of that would result in people getting angry, would effect how they viewed you as a human being, and ultimately how they treated you. Why is that? The point I’m attempting to make is, we need to be more open minded and appreciate different views when it comes to modding cars like they are overseas. How can a scene evolve without taking risks/trying new things? Just something to consider.

  6. Paweł

    Spoko honda, bardzo mi się podoba. Mam podobną tylko stoi wyżej ma inny kolor, wnętrze i felgi.

    PS. Mam tylko jedną rurę oraz moja zasilana jest również LPG firmy Landi renzo.

  7. luke truehart

    van is amazing! love seein vans modded. Not the 80’s econoline with a wolf howling at the moon painted on it van but the import makes. I don’t understand why that guy is calling people stupid the 2 versions of van look very dif to me if u took the badging off u could almost say they r 2 dif makes. IMO. Whatever. good build keep it up

  8. Trey Chavis

    i’m still laughing at the “if you cant use the sliding doors,its useless” deal…
    Stance and Fitment isn’t the most practical look out there, so..um if you like the look….usefulness isn’t important in some cases.lol. just sayin

  9. Kulbir Singh Shah

    Damn Rock ON!!! Soccer mom’s ride friends by the kids will drop jaws!!


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