All of us here at Stance:Nation are given such an amazing opportunity to see dozens and dozens of incredible fitments (and cars of course) on daily basis, but we’ll be honest with you when we say that only a few cars can really make us scratch our heads and wonder how they can possibly be driven, (especially on daily basis). We’re talking static, less than half an inch of clearance, and literally rubbing fenders against the wheel barrels when going over any dip or bump. We’re talking spark flying, neck breaking, finger pointing fitment here everyone! One of the guys that somehow pulled that off is Mike out of Texas. What’s even more bad ass is that he was able to do it with a car that not many of you would ever expect. No no no, it’s not an S2000, 350Z or a G35, rather a Mazda3. Allow us to show you how them boys in Texas do it, where there is no excuse for having any kind of wheel gap, under any circumstances!

Photos By: Thanet Taout exclusively for

Like many other 21 year olds, Mike comes from the “street racing” background. As you can tell by the big intercooler that’s hiding behind that front bumper, this thing means business. Corksport Downpipe, Gutted Oem midpipe w/2 resonators removed, PG Manifold, PTP CDFP and the whole nine yards really, this 2900 pounder moved! Those days are over now, and it’s all about riding low and slow, and looking damn good doing it. This guy has gone through several sets of wheels, each one getting more aggressive than the previous set and this is where he ended up. However, we’ll bet you that the current set won’t last very long before he decided to switch things up again! Check out the rear fitment above!

At the moment, Mike is rolling on SSR Longchamps XR4Z Kai in 18×9.5 with a +13 offset, all round. He wrapped the SSR’s in a set of 215/35/18 rubber that’s carefully hidden behind those burnt fenders! Now that you know the wheel specs, you’re probably wondering what kind of suspension this thing is on, right? Well, this Mazda is dropped on BC type BR Coilovers with upgraded set of custom shorter springs for the front and BC short rear springs. As you’ll be able to see in the pictures below, Mike also added a GTspec Lower Tie Bar, and to get those wheels to sit just right, Dominant Engineering Custom Camber Arms were also added. Hit the Read More link below for some more pictures!

The above picture shows our other feature that’s a bit less aggressive but still on point. It belongs to Kevin and you can expect it in the next few days. Mazdas have officially invaded Stance:Nation!

As you can tell, the exterior hasn’t been touched much. Mike wanted the attention on the fitment, not on some tacky body kit or graphics. Seeing this Mazda in your rear view mirror must be pretty wild. You’ll probably think the car is hovering on the ground as you won’t be able to see any light under it, and while the Mazda3Mods FMIC won’t quite intimidate you, it’ll definitely put a smile on your face.

Just as simple and clean that front end is, rear end is the same. Everything from the trunk was shaved off, and to make it that much cleaner, Mike also got rid of Front Rear Wipers! End result is just right, we’re absolutely in love! Don’t forget that GTspec Lower Tie Bar hanging under the car. Quite a nice touch that actually also serves a purpose. Check out the shot below, it’s from a 200 mile round trip.

We’ll leave you with a couple more pictures below, and we hope you enjoyed reading and checking out all the pictures. As always we want to thank the photographer Thanet Taout for great work as well as our SoCal friend Shavi @ Mazda Fitment for making this happen. We can’t forget Mike obviously, nor Kevin in the grey 3 that we’ll feature in the next few days. Until next time, drop us an email if you think your car has the fitment it takes to be on our site! Now, have fun and enjoy your weekend.