I think Goldilocks got it right in her quest to find what is “just right”. Albeit expensive, it is all too easy to throw haphazard combinations of parts together and the result can often be less than desirable. Jonathan Cruz, of Nessen Forged, had a lot to consider when choosing a platform suitable for displaying their wheels. The chosen vehicle had to accentuate the concavity of the wheels without looking over-done and the lines had to flow with the stance the Nessen Forged team had in mind. Prior experience with Z33 350Zs made the voluptuous Z34 370Z a perfect choice. It was just right.



The 370Z is blessed with bulging fenders capable of swallowing most impressively-sized wheels; Cruz and his team decided to capitalize on this quality. The Fender Rolling King of Miami broadened the Z-car’s haunches by 2 inches with a custom all-metal widebody that focused on maintaining an OEM aesthetic. The emphasis on factory lines meant subtle aero improvements by way of an Aerojacket Type 3 wing and carbon lip kit.



Those immaculate fenders gently hug the centerpiece of the project — Nessen Forged S|5.0V2S wheels that are specified in gigantic dimensions; 20×11” in the front and 20×13” in the rear featuring a unique copper finish on the lips.  Deep in the abyss that is the concave centers of the Nessen Forged wheels lurks an Akebono big brake kit.   The Z34 is positioned neatly around the wheels by a UAS Bag-Over-Coil setup with BC Racing BR+ dampers utilizing Accuair management.  SPC arms allow fine tuning of the alignment.



Originally, the plan called for the addition of forced induction. However, the market necessitated the sale of the 370Z in order to make room for a new project with which to showcase Nessen Forged’s evolving line of wheels. Cruz has relinquished responsibility for completion of the project to its new owner, Jonathan Krecioch of Wisconsin. With much appreciated help from Slammered-Inc, Accuair, Autoglitz, the Fender Rolling King of Miami, and Aerojacket Cruz and the team at Nessen Forged put together a Z they are truly proud of – it came out just right. Luckily, they didn’t have to deal with any bears.









Custom All-Metal Widebody fenders
Accuair Setup
BC Racing BR+ Coils
UAS Bags over Coils
Hard line and installation
SPC Front & Rear Camber Arms
Custom Test Pipes
Muffler Delete
Nessen Forged S|5.0V2S
20×11 front 5.5″ lip – 20×13 rear 7.5″ lip
Hankook 255/30/20 – 305/25/20
Aerojacket Type 3 Wing
Aerojacket Carbon Fiber Lip Kit