Dreams are defined by most as successions of images, emotions, ideas, and sensations that occur involuntary in certain stages of sleep. When we think of dreams or dream-cars, it usually doesn’t involve sleep (hopefully) and often times we go to great lengths to make our dreams come true. Aside from the stereotypical type that hear the word dream car and immediately jump to the seemingly multimillion dollar exotics, we all have a dream car, and usually an achievable one that we are willing to fight for regardless of the amount of effort required to obtain said dream machine.

Photos By: Jay Baumgardner exclusively for StanceNation.com

This spectacular vehicle before you started out as just a dream for its creator  Jimmy Lancaster. Jimmy was first graced with the Z’s beauty when he was in high school, when the 350z was released. When the 350z came to showrooms we all had that thought; The sleek, aggressive, attractive, and what did it for most was that factory exhaust note. It was seemingly a perfect car right off of the showroom floor for most, and the fact that it was made by a lot of people’s favorite Japanese automakers made the 350 that much better. After being blessed by the natural beauty of the Z car, Jimmy set a personal goal for himself; Attend college & get his degree, for the sole purpose of getting a good job that would fund his dream.

When it was time for Jimmy to graduate from college and purchase that beloved Z, Nissan dropped the even more sleek, aggressive, and all around one hell of a car, 370z. Jimmy said it was love at first sight. Added aggression, outstanding performance gains, and a new interior styling, what’s not to love? Jimmy picked up the Z October of 2010 and almost exactly 3 short years later, here we are.

We all know that feeling of getting a new car, and for most of us it doesn’t take long before we start thinking about what parts we want and what we can obtain or afford the soonest. Jimmy’s car screams quality, even with a simple glance at the car it puts itself “out there”. With a firm, planted look,  its aggressive lines complimented so well by a few cosmetic enhancements that also provide a bit of aerodynamic advantage, including a Seibon GT Style CF lip, Shine Auto CF Side Skirts, Shine Auto CF Rear Spats, a VIS Racing slotted hood, and a OEM rear fog light, (one of those things that should have come on the car from the production line). The added body lines flow perfectly with the lines of the already great looking Z and complete the exact look Jimmy was hoping to achieve.

As with any great build, Jimmy’s Z has a great assortment of interior goodies that add to the experience and feeling you get from sitting in the form of factory beauty. It starts with the Personal Trophy steering wheel in black leather with red stitching seemingly hovering above the NRG quick release and Hub, down to the Password JDM Shift knob that instantly catch your eye. All of that leads you to the beautiful Recaro Pole Position seats that add the perfect touch of aftermarket support without looking too far away from factory. Just right.

Jimmy’s Z is lowered to perfection on BC Racing coilovers, and is paired up with SPC front and rear camber arms to dial things in. Suspended effortlessly above a set of Work VS-XX in amazing specs, 19×10 -4 ( -9 after he added a 5mm spacer to clear the massive brakes) up front and 19×12 -4 in the back. Jimmy, being from New Orleans, LA had no intention of running the famous black and gold of the New Orleans Saints, but when it was all said and done the Z may cause a few people walking down the street to say, “WHO DAT”!

Although the factory hollow sounding 6 cylinder sounds good as is, we are all firm believers of the saying “never enough”. For that reason, Jimmy’s Z is fitted with an Invidia Gemini Cat Back Exhaust, Megan RES Test Pipes, and Stillen Gen 3 Intakes in order to add just a bit more pleasure to driving the already fantastic machine. It’s not race car, but the exhaust work certainly adds a few ponies, and most of all amplifies that growl that we all know and love.

Like most of us, Jimmy admittedly bit off a little more than he intended on chewing when he ordered the Works. After the long wait he realized he needed smaller tires, more camber, and of course fender work. Another example of how dedicated we can become to our cars, once we start, there really is no turning back. But no worries, as you can tell Jimmy made it happen and did a damn good job doing so! Speaking of making things happen, Jay (the photographer) and Jimmy met up at Import Alliance in the middle of no where to get this incredible shoot done, yet another sign of determination on both of their ends.

Jimmy’s Z is an absolutely outstanding example of what we all have deep inside of us, passion and determination. Although some of us may not have the fancy multimillion dollar exotics, we make due with what we have to get things done. Often times we seem to overlook what really started our obsession with a particular car especially after we have owned it for a few years. As for Jimmy, he still has some tricks up his sleeve to set this 370 even further from the game and we simply can’t wait to see where things take him!

[toggle_item title=”Wheels/Tires/Suspension” active=”true”]Work VS-XX 19×10 -9 and 19×12 -4
BC Racing Coilovers
SPC Front and Rear camber arms
[toggle_item title=”Exterior” active=”false”]Seibon GT Style CF lip
OEM Rear Fog Light
Shine Auto CF Side Skirts
Shine Auto CF Rear Spats
VIS Racing slotted hood
Reverse LEDs
License Plate LEDs
Slotted and Dimpled Rotors
Clutch Spring
[toggle_item title=”Interior” active=”false”]Password JDM Shift knob
Recaro Pole Position seats
Recaro Side mounts and sliders
NRG Quick Release 2.5
NRG Hub adapter
Personal Trophy steering wheel 350mm leather w/red stitching[/toggle_item]
[toggle_item title=”Engine” active=”false”]Invidia Gemini Cat Back Exhaust
Stillen Gen III Intakes
Meagan Res Test Pipes