Street Style // Yudai Ishizuka’s 180SX.

We at StanceNation have always been tightly affiliated with Japanese car culture since our inception almost eight years ago. Although we don’t discriminate when it comes to marques, it seems that the tiny island in the Pacific Ocean never fails to bring the heat. Especially when it comes to drifting. Japan has been at the forefront of the sport and culture for years and cars like the one seen here make it easy to see why.

Yudai Ishizuka has been around drifting for years and has owned a handful of purpose built S chassis’, but his current project doesn’t seem to have a finish line of sorts. Like most of us, our builds tend to have ups and downs as the years pass by and we think he nailed it in its current form. His 180 is the perfect blend of style and function. Aggressive fitment, kit, built SR, and a modest interior all get the job done in a way that is tasteful. You will notice the radiused Origin arches from the start which took a solid amount of shaping to get right, but the end result makes the effort worthwhile.

Along with the fab work on the quarters; the Origin body kit has been fitted to the car almost seamlessly, but don’t let the minty paint and shiny SSR hoops fool you. This car is driven hard. The red top SR20 is nestled comfortably in the bay and a handful of bolt-ons bring the wheel horsepower close to the 400 range. He has no trouble turning the 12j rear rollers and smoking the tires at his local circuit.

The interior is simple and effective consisting of dual Bride buckets, wheel, knob, and harnesses. Everything is right at home and looks the part without being ostentatious. At the end of the day the car screams street with the added zest of gorgeous bodywork and quality paint. Unfortunately we weren’t able to spend that much time with the owner when we shot his car, but will definitely be in touch the next time we are across the pond. That being said I hope everyone enjoys a few photos and a little backstory on this well done tire shredder.