StanceNation Japan G Edition Fukushima 2019 // Part 1.

We’ve been hosting car shows in Japan for over 5 years now but we’ve never done anything north/east of Tokyo. Due to next years Tokyo Olympics we weren’t able to use our usual Odaiba location which meant that we had to find a new venue. Ever since our Odaiba 2018 event, we’ve been looking all over Japan but finally agreed on hosting an event in Fukushima, out of all places. Not only was the city of Fukushima extremely easy to work with but we wanted to bring some limelight to the wonderful Fukushima. Everything that’s been happening there over the last few years has really scared the tourist off but in the recent year or two things have really started to pick back up and we were excited to be at the forefront. One of the downsides to our Fukushima event was that we had to downsize from a 1,000 car venue to one with space for about 400 cars. That also meant that we had to be even more picky with the cars we chose. The upside is that the quality was nothing short of awesome, as you’ll see in the photos below. Today we’ll be sharing some pictures from Yuuki and in the next few days we’ll bring you another 100+ shots from Elvis. Kick your feet up and enjoy part 1 of our StanceNation Fukushima photo coverage!

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