I’ve never been sure if I was a believer in fate or serendipity.  However, the notion that everything happens for a reason has always comforted and intrigued me.  Where we come from, where we are, where we are going, and why any of this occurs is fascinating as much as it is perplexing.  Our lives with vehicles are full of surprises and our experiences lead us in exciting new directions as we move through existence.

Photos By: John Zhang exclusively for


Courtney Wingfield is well-accustomed to adventure and discovery.  Her life has taken her from coast to coast (Atlanta to Los Angeles) and from JDM to Euro.  She wet her automotive feet with Hondas, as many do, having owned an ‘EK’ Civic and the New Formula Red S2000 pictured in this feature.  However, she would eventually find interest in those vehicles of European manufacture — namely BMWs.  This appeal was accompanied with a romantic interest as well;  you see Courtney’s other half is none other than profound automotive photographer 1013MM, otherwise known as John Zhang.  John is an avid BMW enthusiast and has his own noteworthy vehicle, a 135i.  She tells us John has been supremely supportive of her and the project (good job 1013MM!) and he has provided the beautiful shots in this feature for us to enjoy.  Some would say Courtney and John are living the dream, as finding romance compatible with an automotive obsession can often prove difficult.


The F30 is the latest iteration of BMW’s perennial favorite 3-series.  Its sharp curves and headlight/kidney grill integration falls perfectly in line with the theme of modern BMW styling.  Quite truthfully, I found myself on the fence on the new generation aesthetics when it was first introduced — it was actually Courtney’s car that ultimately changed my mind for the better.  It proved what a gorgeous car it is truly capable of being.  Notably, the F30 marks the end of an era and the beginning of another.  The 2-door 3-series is no more, with that variant obtaining new nomenclature as a 4-series.  It is a somewhat bittersweet evolution for many of the BMW faithful, a beautiful reminder of model name mortality.


Wingfield has certainly taken to this 328i, which was ordered direct from Germany early in the model release before the 335i was even offered.  The new turbocharged 4-cylinder engine in the 328i offers power and efficiency as well as a return to a 4-cylinder option in a 3-series, which hasn’t been seen stateside since the E36.  Upon its arrival Courtney immediately began modifications, courtesy of El Monte, California’s LTMOTORWERKS.  A shop of high reputation that has recently taken the world by storm with a variety of Liberty Walk vehicles.


With an obvious affinity for the ‘OEM+’ aesthetic proven by her previous S2000, Courtney decided to go with a custom front end incorporating the aggressive 1M Coupe bumper/fender treatment by LTMW.  The affect is gorgeous and lends itself to something BMW’s M division would have (should have?) offered, especially when served along with OEM BMW Performance sides, grills, and rear diffuser beneath an MSport bumper.  A carbon Slek Designs front splitter provides a hint of race aggression to the front end, which should pair well with the Varis GT wing she is planning to add — very much displaying a move towards LTMW’s aggressive GT/JDM/Euro design theme for other projects, a style that has become incredibly popular and continues to gain momentum within the community.


Currently, KW Suspension Varient-3 coilovers settle the car at a perfectly set ride height over SSR Professor SP1 wheels.  The Toyo T1-S tires put in plenty of road-gripping duty as this is Courtney’s daily.  Rotora big brakes provide stopping power and fill the voids behind the faces of the SP1s, which are delicately fitted with the addition of H&R spacers.  Some would say that every low car driven daily in downtown LA is ill-fated to be destroyed with such use, but Courtney has her own plans to cheat that misfortune.  An air suspension is already in the works for this F30 along with seats and a downpipe/exhaust combo by ARK Designs that are ordered as of this writing.


So was Courtney destined to own a BMW?  Providence-bound to meet John Zhang and charge onto the Euro scene with force and a JDM inspiration?  Divine intervention?  Or was it sheer will on Courtney’s part to accomplish and push forward against what twists she may randomly encounter?  I have no idea.  All I really know is that even in the early stages this F30 is awesome, there is certainly more to come, and that Courtney apparently enjoys unicorns and wants to be a rockstar.  Maybe that’s what the stars have in store for her — a gorgeous BMW, magical horned horses, and epic guitar solos with tons of groupies… One down, two to go.


Courtney thanks Rotora, Toyo Tires, KW, Slek Designs, AutoTecknik, UnitedBMWOnline, LTMOTORWERKS, and of course John Zhang for all the support with her build.






[toggle_item title=”Wheels/Tires/Suspension” active=”true”]SSR Professor SP1 Wheels
Toyo T1S Tires
H&R spacers
Rotora big brake kit with rotors
KW V3 Coilovers[/toggle_item]
[toggle_item title=”Exterior” active=”false”]Custom front bumper from LTMW
Slek Designs custom carbon fiber lip
BMW OEM Performance grills
Custom side fenders from LTMW
BMW OEM Performance side skirts
BMW OEM Msport rear bumper
BMW OEM Performance rear diffuser
AutoTecknic Performance trunk lip