Standing out. Its what we all want, but is what very few can attain. Budget, location, even import laws can get in the way of a build and ruin the final outcome. Thankfully, none of these things apply to this car.   Standing out is exactly what this GS300 does now when Chook Tran of Sydney, Australia got his hands on it two years ago.

Photos By: Sebastian Voll exclusively for

The very first thing that caught my eye about this car was the stark contrast between the wheels and paint. As a self-proclaimed wheel whore, I can’t help but admit that this whole set up is a turn on. Chook didn’t skimp when he made him wheel selection. In keeping to the point of standing out, he called upon VIP Modular to build him a set of VXS210 with the Super Polished Finish faces, high polished lips, and presidential hardware. Mind you, in the “land down under” these rims were the only one of its kind when Chook decided to rock ’em. Wrapped around the hearty 19×10 fronts and 19×11 rears are 225/35 and 235/35 respectively, giving him enough space to allow the fender to sit in between the fender and rim – another covetous thing many of us fitment people lust after.

Of course, Chook did not overlook any aspect of this car. He got a TTE front lip to let the front sit lower and color coded the aftermarket front grille. In the sense of suspension, he ran with the FIGS adjustable toe links and the K-MAC adjustable camber bushes/bolts to aid in the achievement of his spot on stance.

Here is a closer shot that allows you to see fitment-wise into my dreams and Chook’s reality. You can see where the fenders were caressed when they were rolled and pulled to accommodate the wide wheels, a very small price to pay for the otherwise perfect representation of fitment was to him.

Look at how immaculately clean this is. You almost can’t tell where the fender’s circumference is. The SPF finish and the high polished lip really goes the extra mile in attracting the eye. I mean admit it, who doesn’t like shiny things? I’m sure these would be a girl’s best friend right after diamonds.

This car is built on the dot to traditional VIP characteristics of a big bodied sedan lowered on very aggressive, full faced rims. However, the VIP Modular rims have a certain modern flair about them. Chook built this GS because of the “aura” of a VIP car. When these big boss cruisers enter meets and shows, there is a feeling of grandeur in the air. He describes it as “Nice, simple, and clean.”

Believe it or not, but this car isn’t a garage queen who comes out once in a blue moon. This GS is daily driven and just by this rear shot you can guess what goes through the minds of those who encounter this sleek VIP cruiser and how it manages to get from point A to point B. Little do they know, this car is sporting a custom air suspension using D2 airbag struts, all run by the Accuair E-level system. A 5 gallon tank is used with dual 400c Viair compressors. This is all because he didn’t want to compromise the ride of a Lexus. And well, because VIP, yo.

Sadly, Chook tells us that this car is going to be sold. He says he would like to fund another project. I’ll admit, being a VIP guy myself, I am bummed but I understand why. His original idea for the GS was to put Australia on the map in terms of “extreme fitment and stance”. Clearly, he has done just that and its time to move on. Most importantly, he is happy with the way the car turned out in the time he had it. If this is what he can do in two years, we can expect something else to surface soon. I can’t wait to see the next great thing that he builds.

The polished exhaust is definitely eye-catching plus the deleted wing and shaved badges keep the rear looking clean.

Hauntingly beautiful.

But I bet Australia says “Thank you.”

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Custom air suspension with D2 air bag struts
accuair e-level management system
dual viair 400c compressors and 5 gallon tank
FIGS adjustable toe links
Kmac adjustable camber bushes/bolts
VIP Modular VXS210 wheels in SPF (Super Polished Finish) faces, high polished lips and presidential hardware
19×10 fronts and 19×11 rears
225/35 fronts and 235/35 rears
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TTE style front lip spoiler
colour coded aftermarket grille
pulled and rolled guards
rear wing spoiler and badges deleted.
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