Stanced & Slammed Nissan 240SX (3)

Last year during our trip to the meet and greet we put on in North Carolina with the Insane Stance & Offset guys, one of the cars that caught our eye was this particular Nissan. Ever since that meet we’ve been trying to get the car on our site! It belongs to our friend Rodney Pilson out of Belews Creek, NC and it’s truly his pride & joy. After picking the car up with cracked windshield, torn seats and many other flaws, Rodney decided to clean it up with the help of his friends. While this “build” still isn’t where Rodney wants it to be it is definitely ready for world wide viewing. Our good friend John Soufia caught up with Rodney few days ago and captured some awesome photos.

Photos By: John Soufia exclusively for

Stanced & Slammed Nissan 240SX (4)

When Rodney purchased the car from his friend it sat on D2 Coilovers and Rota P45RS wheels. It was also rocking what Rodney calls “stylish body kit” and most of the interior was torn up. Him and his friends George Debidart and Daryl Rinkavage at Exotic Powdercoat & Paint all agreed that the car couldn’t look the same so they got to work. Nowadays the car is looking pretty different though. It’s front fenders and rear quarter panels were pulled about 3 inches to fit the aggressive 18″ Work Bersaglio wheels. They are wrapped in 225/40/18 tires which we feel is a perfect stretch.

Stanced & Slammed Nissan 240SX (5)

The old kit was ripped off and replaced with a fresh new one made by Uras. But, before the kit even went on, there was plenty of body work done to clean the car up. After many coats of paint and clear the car was finally shaping into something Rodney had first pictured. If you ask us, the car is running just the right amount of stretch, camber and low. We’ve seen far too many Silvia’s run overly aggressive setups that are completely unnecessary. This one on the other hand, just right.

Stanced & Slammed Nissan 240SX (7)

So what does the future hold for Rodney’s ride? Well, he tells us that he plans on focusing a but on the performance aspect and rebuilding the KA motor. He will also be rebuilding the entire interior in the near future.

Stanced & Slammed Nissan 240SX (9)

With that said, we would like to give a huge shout out to Rodney and everyone that was associated with building this clean ride. Rodney also wanted us to give a special shout out to the entire Insane Stance & Offset crew as well as Hood Status & Grip Royal. Can’t forge the awesome John Soufia making this feature possible of course.

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If you think your ride has what it takes to be on our site please make sure you email us thru our contact page or simply attach us a few photos and specs of your ride to! Mind you, we get a ton of submissions so you can expect a response in a day or two if we feel your car is ready! Hope you’re having a great weekend everyone, we’ll see you over on our forums.

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