How many of you knew right away what kind of car this was? Let’s be honest here, the odds of you guessing an Infiniti i30/Nissan Cefiro are pretty slim. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not here to insult or play down your knowledge, but seeing an i30/Cefiro fitted as well as this one is simply next to impossible. Literally 100’s of hours were spent building this ride. Dozens of hours fitting that sexy Job Design body kit, and dozens of hours on those extremely wide fenders. As a matter of fact the front fenders sit 3″ wider and rears sit 4″ wider, per corner! Owners wheel choice are a set of aggressive 20″ Work Schwert SC4’s. When we say aggressive we mean 20×9.5 up front with a -43 offset! Rears is even more awesome with 20×10.5 and an epic -51 offset. Nothing further needs to be said.

What’s interesting to us is how high the amount of people out there is who have no appreciation for custom fabrication. Not that there is anything wrong with a simple built car (wheels, drop, bumper or lip), but the lack of creativity and originality in the “fitment” community is way up there. We are very blessed that we have countries like Japan and Thailand whom we can always look up to.

With this feature we urge you to click the Read More button and pay close attention to the quality of craftsmanship that this Thailand based Cefiro is sporting. We may be a “fitment” based website, but we still have a ton of respect for those who choose to do more than have a car that only sits well. Here is a big shout out to all of our Thai friends out there! Much respect from Stance:Nation.