Ontario, Stance:Nation has their eyes on you! You’ve shown us several times last year that you know how to build proper cars, so we decided to take a trip back and see what’s new this year. One of the cars that we liked very much was Aidan’s VIP inspired Lexus IS300. Its obvious that the IS’s aren’t considered “the right” platform for a VIP car, but any car can be inspired by just about any style. Just “VIP” and “VIP Style” are two different things that people constantly keep mistaking. Aidan’s IS meant a lot to him, so instead of going with a traditional VIP platform vehicle, he decided to keep his IS and do something a bit different. As the car was nearing it’s current stage it caught attention of a well respect car crew, Liberty VIP. If anyone in the US knows their VIP cars it’s gotta be Liberty. Take a look at this beautiful IS with us by scrolling down and clicking the Read More button.

Photos By: Raymond Tran exclusively for StanceNation.com

As many of you know, building a VIP car is more then just a nice set of wheels and a really low stance. It’s the attention to detail and the uniqueness of things. Starting from the outside, Aidan mounted on the Origin Labs. (Version Select) front bumper and side skirts. Going with the “unique” theme, he was also able to fit an AC Schnitzer E90 roof spoiler. He cleaned up the exterior by de badging it and shaving off the antenna that stuck out like a sore thumb. Lighting is really important in the VIP community as it’s part of paying attention to details so Aidan put in some work there as well. OEM Fog Deletes with Custom FlashTech LED Strip, 6000K HID Bulbs, 2002 OEM Dark Chrome Headlights, LED V2 Tail Lights and tinted trunk lights. Aidan told us that the he is nowhere near done, so keep that in mind!

Interior is loaded with Junction Produce goodies such as the Black Fusa, Gold Kitsuna, the curtains you see in the photo above and many more things! Custom Authentic Dolce & Gabanna VIP Pillows can be found in the front and back of the car with VIP Style Head Rest Coat Hanger. He finished it off with a set of Bellezza Memory Foam Neck Pads and a smaller thing that made a pretty big difference, SK Performance LED dome light, map light, and trunk light. Hit the Read More button bellow for some fitment specs and more photos. We warn you though, if you’re expecting scrape framing and exposed barrels, you won’t find it here. If you want a classy and well fitted IS300, please proceed.

Sitting just right on Megan LP Coilovers and a set of Leon Hardiritt Bugel wheels that were polished black with a nice touch of Limited Edition Red Center Caps. Fronts are 18×8.5 +27 with Ichiba 15mm Spacers and rears are 18×10 +24 with no spacers. For his tires, he went with 215/40/18 up front and 225/40/18 in the rear. As we said before, they’re not really that stretched (especially the fronts), but they work really well on this car. He finished the fitment off with a set of SPC front and rear Camber Kits that put him at -2.7 front and -4.6 rear. The more we look at Aidan’s car, the more we like it.

We would like to thank Aidan as well as Raymond for setting up this shoot and making it happen for us. He is still working on the car and some of his short term goals are a VIP’d Out custom rear center console table, custom trunk setup and JDM Altezza chrome door handles. For now, we’ll leave you with a list of shout outs that Aidan gave us. Ontario, Stance:Nation has their eyes on you!

Thanks/Shout Outs:
My Girlfriend for constant support and helping finely select all the parts on the car.
Liberty VIP for the support and accepting the smaller Lexus into the big body car family.
Local VIP Style Car crew for the support; Yudi, Brett, Sharad, Ben, and Sic Ryde
Sharad from SK Performance for the sick, super bright, LED lighting!
Blain for helping pull the rear quarters even more to fit the wheels
Samson from GBTires.ca for the awesome tire sponsorship
Guillermo from GPR Auto for hooking me up with the coils
Mike from Curbed to help finish the wheels making them brand new again
Ben “and Father” for helping with the BBK install
Virgel for helping put most of the car together
Sam from Formula Import
Peter and Rachel from Nextmod
Dave from Stance Is Everything for the constant support and being there from the start
Dave from Stretch and Poke for his support as I am there helping in the background for the meets

If I forgot anyone, sorry, but you are all in my mind and thanks to you all.