What do you say about doing things a little differently this time around? We’ll let the owner (Shelton aka Smitty) do most of the talking as no one really knows more about the car than the man himself.

I remember falling in love the very first time I saw a VIP car back in 2002 in Japan. At that time I didnt know what VIP was but just the look of the ride and how clean it looked appealed to me. The first VIP ride I saw in person on the east coast was a Black Infiniti Q45 owned by Benji Cosca, and ever since that day I wanted to build one myself. While in the past I’ve owned cars such as Civic, Accord, and even a Jetta, it comes a time where you step it up and say “that was high school/college“. Not to insult anyone, but I feel like I’m doing grown-ass-man things now. My last ride was a “VIP Inspired” Lexus ES300, but it not being the traditional VIP Platform (Japanese Sedan RWD) I definitely wanted to do something proper, meaning proper wheel fitment and a mean stance. I’ve gone through 4 sets of wheels in the last 2 1/2 years that I’ve owned the car, each time going more and more aggressive until I have achieved the results that I want. This is where it’s at nowadays and there is still room for improvement.

There’s definitely a big community of VIP rides on the westcoast, but I’m so glad that the VIP movement on the east coast is growing. With guys like the Liberty VIP Car Club and various other groups of people who have definitely played a huge part in growing the VIP movement here on the East Coast, our cars are finally starting to get noticed by VIP enthusiast across the world.

The funniest thing that people ask me about my ride, well besides why I have curtains, is if I drive this thing daily. I say damn right, no use of having a dope ride and never getting to enjoy it. I looked down the other day and I said: “Damn, I’ve already put 60K miles on it since I bought it 2 1/2 years ago”! I’ve taken my ride to NYC a few times, Myrtle beach twice, Charlotte a few times, and even all the way to Atlanta for Import Alliance earlier this year. I figure I’ll drive it and enjoy the ride, and if the engine ever gives out it’ll just give me a great excuse to do some crazy engine swap. You know what to do guys, click Read More bellow for my spec list and a bit more about me & my car.

VIP isnt just about the cars, its a lifestyle. Its all about kicking it with people who have the same interests and living life to the fullest. At least that’s how I look at it. Future plans will be some custom front bumper work, more audio, and potentially adding more power to the V8. First I gotta give thanks to my ELITE family. Definitely some big things coming from this crew. Yuya and the guys at VIP Modular wheels, and all the East Coast Crews doin it big: ISO, Liberty VIP, Xclusive, UnClassified. Last but not least, big thanks to Javier Santiago for the incredible pictures and Elvis for making this feature happen.

There you have it guys, Smitty and his amazing M45! Incredibly humble individual who just happens to know how to build an incredible ride. This is not the last time you’ll see this car, mark our words. We hope you enjoy all the high resolution images that we put up for you! As always, don’t forge to shoot us photos of your fitted rides to snfeatures@gmail.com! Stay in touch with us on our facebook guys!

Injen Intake
Impul Throttle body
Custom Y-pipe and exhaust
Custom Painted engine cover

Junction Produce white/gold Fusa
Junction Produce Gold Giutuna Knot
Junction Produce Seat cushions
Junction Produce Luxury Curtains (Front and Back)

Auto Couture front bumper
Custom front fenders
Custom Widened Rear fenders
Balsarini Grille,
Junction Produce Roof Spoiler
Junction Produce Hood Bonnet
Junction Produce eyelids
Window Visors
Garson Badging

VIP Modular VX110
Falken FK452 Tires
20×10 -15 offset (Front) 225/35/20
20×11 -16 offset (Rear) 245/35/20

Custom Universal Air Suspension (UAS) over Megan Coilover setup
Dakota Digital electronic pressure gauge
Dual Viair 400C compressors
Custom painted air tank
Accuair Manifold
Accuair SwitchSpeed Controller
Brembo Drill/Slotted Rotors and Steel brake lines
SPL Rear Camber Arms

JL CleanSweep
2 ’12 Eclispe Subs
1 1500watt MBQuartz Amp