Black Label Invitational Australia 2022 // Photo Coverage.

We don’t share too many Australian events on StanceNation, but when we do you can bet that it will feature some of the best cars that Australia has to offer. This time around we are taking a look at an event that goes by the name of Black Label Invitational and this is their 2nd year hosting it. Though you could never tell as the event is organized extremely well and the cars that the hosts were able to bring together under one roof is well…the work of someone who is highly respected within the car community. We’ll be honest with you, we don’t know a whole lot about the event but we know that back in 2019 they hosted their first ever event and then… well, the world kind of stopped. You don’t have to be from Australia to know how strict the Australian government was with their lockdowns, so the idea of hosting an event was out of question. After a 2 year hiatus BLI is back and better than ever. Going just off the numbers, the event was primarily JDM focused, though there were plenty of Euro rides to enjoy. When StanceNation first started, the whole goal of this blog was to bring car enthusiasts together from all over the world and we are honored to share just a small piece of the Australia car community with you. Big shout out to everyone involved for putting this event together as well as all the awesome Australians who have supported us over the years. We hope to share more of your awesome car community for the whole world to see.

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