Just a few days ago, the boys at Central Pine USA and T-Demand Japan put together this cool gathering of VIP cars down in Anaheim, CA. For the most part the meet went under the radar of any major publications (yes, we’re guilty too!), but after seeing a few of our friends post about it (the day of the meet) we decided that meets like this deserve to be seen worldwide. Unfortunately none of the usual StanceNation photographers were able to make it, so we got our buddy Limit Photography to send us a few of his shots (which we’re very thankful for!). No, it wasn’t the biggest meet ever, nor did it have the biggest number of people in attendance, but what made this meet so special was that it gave us all a ton of inspiration and hope for the US VIP culture. Despite what you might occasionally see on social media, we strongly believe that the VIP community is the strongest it’s ever been and meets like “Pro-Stance” are a perfect example of that. T-Demand president flew in all the way from Japan, people transported their cars to California from as far as Texas and locals brought out their Aimgain, Junction Produce, Mode Parfume & K-Break kitted cars. Everyone came out to support the culture and we couldn’t be more happy about it! Big shout out to Sam and everyone involved with putting this together and we look forward to seeing what 2018 brings!

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