If this thing right here doesn’t make all you Honda owners proud then we honestly don’t know what will. This wonderful Acura Honda Civic CSX-S Type R belongs to Alex Kit out of Toronto, Canada. It’s probably not the lowest Civic you’ve seen nor it does it scrape it’s oil pan just cruising around the city. What it does have going for it however should be pretty obvious by now. It’s a really well built Civic that has gone through quite a change since it’s CSX-S days. It sits really nice, rocks nothing but high quality goodies, and it looks absolutely fabulous. Let’s take a closer look at this thing, shall we?

Photos By: Raymond Tran exclusively for StanceNation.com

The exterior features a FD2R kit along with the spoiler and headlights. The rear bumper is made by INGS while the font lip and ducts are made by J’s Racing. Lastly, the Mugen style carbon fiber hood was added to set everything off. Interior is relatively stock at the moment with things like J’s Racing shift knob and FD2 push start button. We’ve seen first hand the transformation that this Civic has gone through and we are pretty confident that there will be many more quality additions to both the inside as well as outside of this beauty. Big props to Alex for building an awesome ride!

When it came time for wheels, Alex’s most recent setup were these stunningly polished CCW Classics. They sit at 18×9 (+20) up front and 18×9 (+28) in the rear. For suspension, BC Racing does the job with 10k/12k spring rates. Some other things that Alex put on were Skunk2 rear camber arms, Ingalls front camber bolts and Progress rear sway bar. So how do you finish things off when it comes to your cars shoes? Alex opted for Spoon calipers along with project mu pads! Hit the Read More button for more photos taken by our photographer Raymond Tran.

Just like the interior, the under the hood list is pretty small at the moment, though it’s not stock! At the moment Alex only has the Vibrant race header, Spoon n1 exhaust, Fujita SRI w/ Helix tbs and Hondata flashpro. We’re not going to talk for Alex, but it’s pretty obvious to us that we’ll be seeing a lot more of his Civic in the near future.

we would like to give a big shout out to Alex and Raymond for making this feature happen. As always, feel free to email us photos of your cars (snfeatures@gmail.com) if you think that they may have what it takes to be on our site! With that said, we’ll leave you with a few more awesome photos!